ver 0.4.8
 assisted & standardised assessment
  of gene variations from Sanger data

quick guide
 (0) hovering over '[?]'s will provide quick help tips
 (1) select / upload relevant references beforehand, GLASS will align and auto-orientate against them
 (2) upload ABI files from supported references, forward and/or reverse, and with unique names
 (3) after processing and auto-detection of most file properties, pair / unpair / swap / delete / change reference as necessary
 (4) click the blue 'play' button to load the file(s)
 (5) when done in 'variants' panel (find separate instructions there), confirmed variants will appear under 'status' and are exportable with the green 'export variants' button


currently selected references


general infobox [?]

insertion(s)/deletion(s) [?]

trimming: ignore sequence positions ... [?]
minimap     : blue box = resize/move for navigation | boxes = exons/introns | horizontal grey line = full sequence | verticals = variants, ref>pri>sec | red dotted lines = filtered noisy beginnings
chromatogram: click text to print info^ | crosshair + click = drag | zoom-in for extra info (coords..) | sequences, from top = ref, call/pri, mut/sec | pink verticals = variants | grey bars = codons
variants    : 'goto' = go to variant on chromatogram | 'x' = ignore for the session | 'confirm' = keep for the session (even if you change parameters) and make them exportable from 'samples' panel